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AMENA Center for Entrepreneurship & Development

The AMENA (Asia, Middle East, and North Africa) Center for Entrepreneurship and Development leverages the strengths of the University of California at Berkeley to alleviate the region’s entrepreneurship, innovation, intra-preneurship, skills, and gender gaps.

Bakar Fellows


Accelerating the translation of university research. The Bakar Fellows Program at UC Berkeley accelerates important research discoveries and innovations out of the lab and into the hands of people who need them most.

Bakar Labs


There has never been a shortage of entrepreneurs with great ideas designed to tackle the most pressing global challenges — from human health to environmental sustainability. But to grow those ideas into successful ventures, entrepreneurs need space, equipment, and multiple connections to a vibrant ecosystem. That’s why we created Bakar Labs, part of the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub at UC Berkeley. Bakar Labs is built to be the foundational hub for resources where startups thrive.


Connecting UC Berkeley Changemakers™. Connect with students, alumni, faculty, and staff to advance your career, find mentors, join startups, and attend exclusive events.

Bee Partners


Founded in 2009, Bee Partners is a pre-Seed venture capital firm that partners with revolutionary Founders working at the forefront of human-machine convergence across technologies that include robotics, AI, voice, i4.0, and synthetic biology. The firm leverages a singular approach to detecting new and emerging patterns of business as well as inside access to fertile but often overlooked entrepreneurial ecosystems to identify early opportunity in large, untapped markets. Bee’s portfolio companies consistently realize growth at levels that outstrip industry averages and secure follow-on capital from the world’s top VCs.

Berkeley Angel Network


The Berkeley Angel Network is a group of angel investors who are alumni, faculty and former faculty of UC Berkeley. We are an affinity group of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network. The mission of the Berkeley Angel Network is to build an angel investor community among the alumni and faculty of UC Berkeley, and to improve the collective skills and knowledge of this angel investor community through activities related to angel investing. As many of us have experience in growing successful companies, investing in successful companies and/or both of the above, we strive to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education within…

Berkeley Catalyst Fund I


A Venture Capital Fund Benefiting UC Berkeley. The Berkeley Catalyst Fund* works closely with UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC San Francisco, associated incubators and accelerators, and alumni entrepreneurs to foster the vibrant startup ecosystem throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our sector focus is life sciences (therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices), biotechnology, agriculture, cleantech (clean air, clean water, energy storage), and sensors. Our stage is primarily Seed and Series A.

Berkeley Catalyst Fund II


A Venture Capital Fund Benefiting UC Berkeley. The Berkeley Catalyst Fund* works closely with UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC San Francisco, associated incubators and accelerators, and alumni entrepreneurs to foster the vibrant startup ecosystem throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our sector focus is life sciences (therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices), biotechnology, agriculture, cleantech (clean air, clean water, energy storage), and sensors. Our stage is primarily Seed and Series A.

Berkeley Changemaker®


Berkeley Changemaker™ is a program that codifies an essential part of what UC Berkeley has always stood for and provides a galvanizing narrative that our whole campus is rallying behind, humanists and scientists alike. Through its focus on i) critical thinking, ii) communication, and iii) collaboration, its curriculum activates undergraduates’ passions and develops a sharper sense of who they want to be and how to make that happen.

Berkeley Climate Change Network

The Berkeley Climate Change Network (BCCN) helps to advance climate research, education and impact at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The BCCN is a convener, connector and informant for faculty, staff and students to accelerate campus action to cut carbon pollution and build a more resilient and equitable planet.

Berkeley Discovery

At UC Berkeley, students are encouraged to develop their passions through a journey of discovery that deepens their learning, betters the world, and launches their future. The Berkeley Discovery Initiative is a campus-wide effort to transform undergraduate education. More than a single discrete experience or one-semester capstone project, Discovery is an intentional and holistic arc that supports all students on a journey of engaged creativity and self-actualization. We support this goal through a range of programming and resources for students, faculty, and staff which foster student creative agency and participation in immersive hand-on projects as researchers, community leaders, artists, and…

Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association

The Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) is an umbrella organization for entrepreneurs in the Haas School of Business that aims to connect students with networks, alumni and resources. BEA regularly organizes speaker series, career development classes, networking events, mentoring programs, fundraisers and pitch opportunities to drive students forward in their entrepreneurial careers. Students are welcome to join at any stage of their ideation, development, fundraising or expansion, from any industry.

Berkeley Founders Pledge

The Berkeley Founders’ Pledge is an opportunity for company founders, equity holders, or investors to make a nonbinding commitment to give back to Cal when they attain success. Alumni who make the Founders’ Pledge have full control over the timing, amount, and designation of their gift; support can be directed to any unit or program on campus, and does not need to be determined until the time the gift is made. Making the Pledge is an easy, rewarding way to join a cohort of successful Cal innovators who’ve publicly signaled their support of their alma mater from the earliest days…

Berkeley Frontier Fund


Our mission is to invest in the best Berkeley startups and provide a meaningful and sustainable revenue source for Berkeley. It is a gift that keeps on giving. From the GP’s to LP’s to Founders, every stakeholder in BFF contributes to the cause. Together we believe in a shared responsibility towards the university and its emerging entrepreneurs.

Berkeley Haas Alumni Relations

So much of the Berkeley Haas experience is the #haasome​ individuals that you meet and stay in touch with after graduating. Composed of lifelong learners, friends, and colleagues, the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network is your community, your tribe. We celebrate the strength of the alumni network and encourage you to connect with and pour yourself into the community. Berkeley Haas alumni find strength in one another.

Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program is to integrate entrepreneurial thinking into the Haas student experience and to assist Haas and UC Berkeley students in launching new ventures. The program gives students multidisciplinary experiential learning opportunities, seed funding for selected startups, and connections to the greater UC Berkeley and Bay Area entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Startup Seed Fund


The Trione Student Venture Fund was endowed by a gift from Victor Trione, MBA 70, and provides a prize package that includes $5,000 to enable experiential learning,and office space, to 20 early-stage student startups each year. The Sega Sammy Fund for New Media was endowed by a gift from Sega Sammy and provides $5,000 awards to four student startups annually that are focused on ventures such as entertainment, gaming, or new technology. The experiential learning awards are intended for use in prototype development and customer discovery activities. These awards provide a unique opportunity for high risk, high reward projects that…

Berkeley Innovators

Supporting & building @UCBerkeley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Cross-campus content, alumni profiles, events, more. Our team, comprising staff from the alumni relations and philanthropy arms of University Development and Alumni Relations, can help guide you through the extensive innovation landscape of UC Berkeley. We have broad campus and alumni networks as well as experience across multiple campus areas.

Berkeley Institute of Data Science

BIDS is a central hub of data-intensive research, open source software, and data science training programs at UC Berkeley. Our programs and initiatives are designed to facilitate collaboration across an increasingly diverse and active data science community of domain experts from the life, social, and physical sciences, as well as methodological experts from computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics. Since its launch in 2013, BIDS has cultivated an environment of open inquiry and discovery for data-intensive research. As an integral part of UC Berkeley’s Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS), launched in 2019, we continue to seek new…

Berkeley Master of Design

The Master of Design (MDes) is a professional graduate program in design for emerging technologies that emphasizes critical design and social practice to address the new realities of emerging technologies in the 21st century. Technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, sensing, and the internet of things have great potential to reshape communities, industries, and environments, yet also raise ethical concerns and questions about their possible, often unforeseen, impacts. Today’s engineers, designers, and industry leaders developing creative technologies need to be equipped with thoughtful new approaches and design tool kits to respond to these dynamics.

Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneurs Program

To foster entrepreneurship among UC Berkeley’s postdocs and graduate students, through education, awareness, and hands-on opportunities. We connect aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors, resources, and partners. Situated in a vibrant business climate and with access to the greatest pool of postdoc talent in the world, BPEP catalyzes productive collaboration on scientifically complex challenges with lasting economic benefits.

Berkeley Research Infrastructure Commons

The Berkeley Research Infrastructure Common (Berkeley RIC) is a group of campus core R&D facilities, startup incubator labs, and other resources that are available for shared use. Companies can use RIC resources for commercial purposes under commercial rate structures and business-friendly IP terms.

Berkeley SkyDeck

It takes a passionate team to backup each startup. SkyDeck offers all the benefits of a traditional accelerator along with the vast resources of the world’s number one ranked public university. Formed as a partnership between UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, SkyDeck offers a powerful environment for startups to grow and launch. The robust and vibrant ecosystem includes a deep network of advisors, industry partners, and accredited investors.

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund I


The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is the investment partner for UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program. They invest $200K into each startup that goes through SkyDeck, as well as participate in later stage investment rounds with Berkeley founders. They are one of the most active seed investors in the Bay Area, having made over 130 investments in 3 years!

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund II


The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is the investment partner for UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program. They invest $200K into each startup that goes through SkyDeck, as well as participate in later stage investment rounds with Berkeley founders. They are one of the most active seed investors in the Bay Area, having made over 130 investments in 3 years!

Berkeley Startup Cluster

The Berkeley Startup Cluster was formed to help make Berkeley more attractive to startups that wish to locate our city, especially those spinning out of UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Lab. We also help the local economy benefit from the corresponding jobs, creativity and investment that ensue.

Berkeley Venture Capital

Berkeley Venture Capital is a student-run organization that aims to develop students’ interest in venture capital and startup activity on campus. We felt the need to address Berkeley students’ ingenuity in engineering, analysis and business management with an equally developed venture capital student organization to serve student’s needs when exploring the Bay Area’s VC landscape.

Berkeley-Taiwan Health Innovation Accelerator

The program, which is a partnership between Berkeley Public Health, UC Berkeley–based business accelerator program SkyDeck, and the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development Council of Taiwan, will connect the teams with health systems leaders, pharmaceutical executives, experts in regulatory and reimbursement strategies, and life science investors. 

Better Ventures


Better Ventures builds on a decade of experience to back founders leveraging scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies in service of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that doing good — for people and the planet — is good for business.

Big Ideas Contest

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Big Ideas is an early-stage university-based innovation contest that connects students—the world’s next generation of social entrepreneurs—with the mentorship, training, and resources needed to successfully conceptualize, deploy, and scale social innovations. Big Ideas plugs student entrepreneurs into a robust innovation ecosystem of high-caliber mentors, academics, scientists, tech experts, industry leaders, and investors, enabling them to access the full spectrum of resources needed to bring their ideas to fruition. The program is a time-tested, highly effective mechanism to connect with this generation—to meet them at the place and time in their lives when they are most ready to take on a…

Biology Scholars Program

At the Biology Scholars Program, we work side-by-side with students to access their untapped talent and create their academic and career blueprints.

Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center

Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center (BNC) is an 11,500 sq ft class 1,000/10,000 cleanroom facility located in Stanley Hall on the UC Berkeley campus. The BNC is a unique fabrication and experimentation facility specializing in BioMEMS (Biomedical Micro-electromechanical systems) and Microfluidic devices. These exciting new technologies are poised to revolutionize medical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, proteomics, genomics, and cell biology.

Blockchain Xcelerator

The Xcelerator launched in January 2019 as a joint venture between Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, SCET, and Blockchain at Berkeley. Since then, it has incubated over 40 companies that have raised a total of $25M+ in seed and early stage funding. More than 75% of the inaugural batch raised follow-on funding at or after Demo Day, making the Xcelerator one of the best university-based, non-dilutive blockchain accelerators in the country.

Blue Bear Ventures


Investing in Scientific Innovation. Blue Bear Ventures (BBV) engages founders working on the frontiers of science and technology with the ambition to solve the most pressing challenges we face in the world today.

Blum Center Social Innovator OnRamp

The Blum Center for Developing Economies leverages the talent, enthusiasm, and energy of the University of California, Berkeley community to address the grand challenge of global poverty. Our interdisciplinary problem-solving approach draws on students and faculty dedicated to facing this challenge through innovative initiatives, education, and research.

Bow Capital


Bow is a venture capital fund bridging the best of academia, business, and entertainment. We formed to leverage the discoveries of the University of California with the business potential of Silicon Valley.

Build the Future


Build the Future is a student-run hub for startups on campus. We started out as a DeCal in 2017 that brings in a guest founder every week. We have since expanded to events and community-building for student founders. We run Starting Up at Berkeley every semester, which introduces students to Cal’s startup ecosystem and helps them get 1-1 advice from fellow students about navigating entrepreneurship on campus. We also collaborate with organizations and run a community for creators called Patent Pending.

Cal Alumni Association

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) provides all Cal graduates with rewarding connections to the university, to fellow alumni, and to current students. Founded by the original graduates of the University of California in 1872, the Cal Alumni Association today represents more than half a million alumni living throughout the world.

Cal Hacks

Cal Hacks is a nonprofit organization composed of students passionate about fostering a culture of hacking, entrepreneurship, and social good via the empowerment of technology. Our mission is to empower others with technology to create solutions to better the world.

Cal Hacks Fellowship

Cal Hacks Fellowship offers one-on-one mentorship, workshops around topics in entrepreneurship, direct interactions with industry professionals and venture capitalists, office space at The House, equity-free grants, and a chance to present at our Demo Day in the spring with Berkeley’s entrepreneurship community in attendance. We’re on a mission to help the next generation of founders. Let’s create a stronger community that supports every student interested in entrepreneurship.


CalFounders is a forum for experienced alumni to have confidential and informative discussions about pressing business issues in a risk-free setting. The CalFounders group is open to uc berkeley alumni who are actively engaged in their startup as a founder/co-founder.

California Innovation Fund


The California Innovation Fund is a new type of shared carry private/public Venture Capital Fund that will provide 50% of the GP carry to the University of California so the success of our startups benefits public education. The financial infusion nourishes the next generation of student changemakers regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. This virtuous VC cycle positively powers the current and future University of California innovation ecosystem.

California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)

The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences at UC Berkeley (QB3-Berkeley) harnesses the quantitative sciences of physics and engineering to unify our understanding of biological systems at all levels of complexity, from atoms and molecules to cells, tissues, and entire living organisms. QB3-Berkeley scientists make discoveries that drive the development of technologies, products, and wholly new industries, ensuring that California remains competitive in the 21st century.



The CalTestBed Initiative is a voucher program that assists clean energy entrepreneurs in gaining access to critical testing facilities. It expedites their pathway to commercialization through connection to a network of next-level partners.

Career Center

The Career Center is dedicated to advancing equity and access to career resources for every student and recent alumnus of UC Berkeley. We engage with students on their journey to reflect, discover, and design a personally meaningful career (Career Clarity ). We connect students with alumni, employers, and their larger professional community to forge meaningful relationships that will guide them into their early career (Career Connections). We empower students to develop the professional confidence and experience necessary to secure the career opportunities they seek (Career Competitiveness).

CITRIS Foundry

CITRIS Foundry is the University of California’s deep tech innovation hub. We help innovators and entrepreneurs from the University of California make a significant impact on the world. Our innovators tackle big problems in industries ranging from cleantech to medical devices to consumer products and software. By leveraging the incredible resources and expertise at UC Berkeley, we help bring innovation to market and society. We provide coaching, deep tech mentorship, co-working space, access to UC labs, and access to funding.

CITRIS Invention Lab

The CITRIS Invention Lab supports faculty, student and community innovation by providing the knowledge, tools and support to rapidly design and prototype novel interactive products, embedded sensing systems and integrated mobile devices. This facility is a vital piece of the CITRIS pipeline running from the minds of researchers through CITRIS laboratories, and into the markets, industries, and streets of the world. ​

Cleantech to Market

Cleantech to Market (C2M)–the First Cleantech Accelerator–is a partnership between graduate students, startups, and industry professionals to help accelerate the commercialization of leading cleantech solutions. In the process, C2M also develops the next generation of innovative cleantech leaders.

Collider Cup

The Collider Cup is SCET’s all-star showcase of the best student teams each semester. Come watch teams pitch to panels of professors, investors and industry experts as they vie to win the grand prize, the Collider Cup! Every semester we partner with an investment fund/angel investors who offer our students an opportunity for potential funding of their startup/student venture.  We also preview SCET’s classes for the next semester and provide more information on our Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology. Students can learn more about our classes and on how to become involved at SCET and our programs.

Courtyard Ventures


Venture fund run and backed by Haas MBAs. Invest in very early stage pre-seed / seed startups, industry agnostic.

Cradle to Commerce

Cradle to Commerce (C2C), funded by the Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions, is an unprecedented public-private incubator built to accelerate climate technology and equitable entrepreneurship. Four national labs (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and partners (Decisive Point, The Engine, and OneValley) seek to provide innovators with unparalleled scientific and entrepreneurial resources

Cyclotron Road

Cyclotron Road, a division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, supports leading entrepreneurial scientists as they advance technology projects with the potential for global impact. The division’s keystone program is a fellowship that supports entrepreneurial scientists and engineers as they develop globally impactful and commercially viable technology products. Since 2015, in partnership with the non-profit, fellows have collaborated with more than 70 Berkeley Lab scientists, and the organizations they’ve founded have raised more than $315 million in follow-on funding, hired more than 330 employees, and introduced new products across industries.


DECODE is the largest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship community jointly hosted with UC Berkeley and Stanford student organizations, alumni networks, and entrepreneurship centers. As a 501(c)(3), our mission is to DECODE the future of work and bridge academia with industry by creating an open community for creators

Design Scholars Program

The Berkeley Engineering Design Scholar Program is a 10-week summer research program open to all continuing UC Berkeley undergraduates in the College of Engineering or with relevant experience in design innovation.

Dorm Room Fund


DRF is the best place for students to build a company. We’ve learned many of the hard lessons for you. And aside from a check to build a company, you have an unparalleled student & alumni network, strong mentors, a community of fellow founders & investors, and hands-on help to get you to your seed stage. Once a DRF founder, you’re #DRF4Life!

Double Bottom Line Ventures


DBL Partners uses venture capital to accelerate innovation in a way that positively affects an organization’s social impact, as well as its financial success. We strongly believe these two drivers –positive social change and a healthy financial performance– are inherently connected. DBL invests in and helps nurture outstanding entrepreneurs and companies in Cleantech, Information Technology, Sustainable Products and Services, and Healthcare.

EDGE in Tech Initiative at U.C.


The Expanding Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech (EDGE in Tech) Initiative at the University is focused on improving participation, persistence, and advancement in STEM and entrepreneurship by women and others with under-included identities.

Energy and Biosciences Institute Entrepreneurial Business Incubator (EBI2)

At the EBI, we believe innovative solutions arise from the synergy of three activities—core research, education, and entrepreneurship. Therefore, our operational model is designed to facilitate solutions-based energy research while enabling commercialization through the incubation of start-up enterprises and conducting progressive science outreach for undergraduates embarking on new careers, as well as young minds first encountering the mysteries of science.

Erupture Ventures


Erupture is a diverse community of passionate doers, builders, entrepreneurs, and angel investors.

FastTracking Founders Program

The Berkeley Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and College of Engineering are happy to announce the FastTracking Founders Competition. This competition is an excellent opportunity for students to capitalize on their ideas and receive support to file a provisional patent. The winners of the competition will receive financial and organizational support to file a provisional patent. Competition finalists will receive personalized, hands-on support with the patent filing process. All costs will be covered for the first stage of the patent filing process which is for a provisional patent.

FORM+FUND – Legal Support

Free Ventures

Empowering the brightest founders in Berkeley. Free Ventures is Cal’s leading pre-seed startup accelerator. We empower student founders by providing access to funding, mentorship, and resources to scale.

Free Ventures Fellowship


A comprehensive and engaging program designed specifically for undergraduate students from historically underrepresented backgrounds within the technology & entrepreneurship spaces. Our aim is to provide these students with direct exposure to the world-class startup ecosystem here at UC Berkeley & beyond.

Funding to Black & Latinx Founders

Historically, funding for Black and Latinx founders has paled in comparison to nonminority groups. But how much of a gap is there, and what opportunities lie ahead to level the playing field? To gain insight into the state of funding for Black and Latinx founders, we analyzed race and ethnicity data obtained through our Diversity Spotlight initiative. This report utilized data provided by our Diversity Spotlight partners, venture partners, our community network, and news sources. To date, there has been no single source for measuring progress on funding to underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. We believe that initiatives like Diversity…

Fung Fellowship

The Fung Fellowship at UC Berkeley is an undergraduate program shaping the next generation of health, conservation, and technology leaders for a better world. The fellowship is an entrepreneurship and innovation program that connects diverse undergraduate students with community and industry partners for a sustained technology and HCD experience.

Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership

The Fung Institute creates inclusive leaders who solve the world’s problems through innovation, technology, and collaboration across boundaries, in teaching, research, and service.

Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation

The Garwood Center offers customized forums within an Open Innovation network that engages across industries to expand markets. Our process builds on cutting-edge research to facilitate the formation of strategic alliances, partnerships & ecosystems, and create sustainable business models.

Haas Impact Fund


The Haas Impact Fund invests in exciting early-stage impact-oriented startups. Student Venture Partners lead sourcing, diligence, and portfolio stewardship of early-stage social enterprises.

Haas Venture Fellows

The Haas Venture Fellows is a select group of Berkeley MBA, EWMBA & EMBA students that receive hands-on experience in the venture capital industry and foster strong relationships between the venture capital community and the Berkeley-Haas School of Business. The Haas Venture Fellows engage in three principal activities: VC Project Work, VC Connect, and Venture Capital Speaker Series. The group also maintains a network of UC Berkeley alumni working in the venture capital industry and contacts to entrepreneurship initiatives across UC Berkeley.


Handshake, the Career Center’s powerful recruiting platform for UC Berkeley students and alumni. Handshake uses cutting edge technology to help you more easily connect with employers and source jobs, internships, event information, and On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) opportunities. Employers can use Handshake as a recruitment tool, to identify qualified candidates for open positions and manage on-campus recruitment activities.

Health Engine

UC Berkeley’s accelerator for early-stage healthcare startups. Our goal is to help healthcare innovators help others live longer, healthier, happier lives. Our program incorporates mentorship, a deep network, workshops & other events, recruitment pipelines, and fellows to help startups navigate all of it. It’s also non-dilutive, remote-first, and free of charge.

Health Tech CoLab


The Health Tech CoLab is a collaboration lab on campus that supports student teams working on medical devices, diagnostic tools, and digital health tools that harness mobile technology to increase access to healthcare. We provide space for student teams to prototype and think creatively to develop their ideas, innovations and startups. We have conference areas to meet and brainstorm, physical workbenches to work, access to neighboring maker space facilities, and storage for prototyping and experimentation materials. We plug our CoLab startups into our extensive network to connect them to mentors, investors, and additional resources to build their startup.

House Fund


The House Fund is a pre-seed and early stage venture capital fund focused on the boldest Berkeley startups. Cal has some of the most brilliant minds and daring businesses in the world. Tesla. Apple. Intel. But it has never had a place to unite its entrepreneurs, until now. Started in 2016, with 50+ investments, $2B in follow-on funding, and 10 exits later, The House Fund has become a thriving ecosystem for the boldest Berkeley startups to grow.

HS Chau Women in Enterprising Science

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The HS Chau Women in Enterprising Science program at the Innovative Genomics Institute is now accepting proposals from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to translate genomics research into impactful solutions to real-world challenges and advance the representation of women founders in biotechnology. The program offers exciting opportunities for grad students, postdocs, and also faculty to learn and develop their leadership talents while performing proof of concept translational research. For Phase I, four Fellows will receive $150k in support and space at the IGI. After 1 year, two will be selected to receive $1 million in seed funding.

I School Innovators


A trio of I School founders are giving back to Berkeley and inviting others to join them in supporting new generations of “I School Innovators.” Founding contributors Prayag Narula (founder and president of Lead Genius), Holly Liu (MIMS 2003, co-founder of Kabam), and Thejo Kote (MIMS 2011, founder and CEO at Airbase) have jointly conceived of the new I School Innovators Fund to help enterprising students develop their ideas and launch new ventures. The Innovators Fund is designed not only to fuel near-term innovation among incoming classes of students, but to create a cycle of philanthropic re-investment in the School…

Impact Science Ventures

A NEW APPROACH TO IMPACT INVESTING Investing in fundamental scientific breakthroughs by leading innovators to solve industry’s hardest problems in critical impact sectors.

Inclusive Innovation Equitable Entrepreneurship

In response to the structural impediments that have led to growing wealth and opportunity gaps observed among minoritized groups in the U.S. innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) ecosystem, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has established the Inclusive Innovation Equitable Entrepreneurship (I²E²) Initiative. The UCOP has charged this initiative to collect and analyze UC-wide I&E data and develop evidence-based recommendations that address the state and national need to broaden the participation of persons from underrepresented groups in I&E. I²E² comprises subcommittees charged to examine the UC I&E ecosystem through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion in areas…

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Council

Over 80 leaders spanning the campus meet monthly as the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Council with the goal of knitting our I&E ecosystem together.

Intro to Lean Startup: NSF I-Corps Method


Have a STEM startup idea or new technology you’re looking to commercialize? Through a free remote 1-week course with 3 evening sessions, learn how to conduct 15 customer discovery interviews to identify your top customer & value props, and find product market fit.

Ironfire Ventures


Waves of innovations after waves, there are always groups of founders that emerge and shape the world for the better. Ironfire Ventures are incredibly grateful to be part of their extraordinary journeys and to be rewarded by the impact they created and the incredible friendships along the way. We want be part of your journey. We invest in startups from seed to series B in the categories: Artificial Intelligence, Lifestyle (consumption upgrades), and Frontier Technology.

Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is UC Berkeley’s interdisciplinary hub for learning and making at the intersection of design and technology. We see design and technological innovation as integrally linked: innovation opens possibilities and extends the reach of design, while design links new technologies with human experiences and ensures that innovation truly benefits people and communities. Bringing together technical depth, design methodology, and a focus on societal impact, we aim to educate students who understand both the under-the-hood details that make something work and the big-picture context that makes something matter.

Kapor Capital


At Kapor Capital we believe in the power of transformative ideas and diverse teams. We are an Oakland-based fund that understands that startup companies have the ability to transform entire industries and to address urgent social needs as they do so.


LAUNCH is the University of California’s leading accelerator, designed to transform early-stage startups into fundable companies. From 120+ applications this year, our judges selected 22 of the most promising startups in the UC system. Teams are paired with serial-entrepreneurs and mentors with deep operational experience and are led through a rigorous Lean Startup-focused curriculum. The three-month-long accelerator helps UC startups quickly discover and develop scalable business models.


Learn2Launch, the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, at the University of California, Berkeley(link is external) is an intensive, immersive, and hands-on approach to the study of innovation and entrepreneurship. Do you want to start a new venture or test your ideas? Are you looking to build a team around an existing idea? Are you seeking to learn from and network with experienced entrepreneurs? If so, Learn2Launch your new venture with us in the heart of Silicon Valley!

Life Science Angels


Life Science Angels is a not-for-profit corporation with 130-150 accredited investor members, 12-18 highly qualified fellows, and 12-15 sponsor organizations. We take no carry or management fees on investments. We do not charge companies any fees. We write one check for each investment and sign one set of paperwork so we appear as a single investor on portfolio company capitalization tables.  The individual members who invest in a given company pool their investments through our LLC.  We prefer to be active investors and provide a board member or observer, or some other form of strategic or operational advisor.  We will…

Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center

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The Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center supports the commercialization of life science discoveries developed at UC Berkeley. Berkeley LSEC is the first stop for any member of Berkeley’s community of life science innovators, from students to postdocs to faculty, curious about the path of moving from concept to company.

Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology Program

Study engineering and business in Berkeley’s Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology program, giving you an integrated command of tech innovation. In a four-year curriculum, you earn two Bachelor of Science degrees in one program that combines the best of the top-ranked College of Engineering and Haas School of Business.

Marvell Nanolab

The Marvell NanoLab, located in the CITRIS headquarters building, Sutardja Dai Hall , includes more than 15,000 sq feet of Class100 and Class1000 cleanroom. The Marvell NanoLab is a shared research center providing more than 100 Principal Investigators and over 500 academic and industrial researchers a complete set of micro- and nano-fabrication tools.

Master of Engineering program

The one-year Master of Engineering (MEng) program at UC Berkeley prepares engineers to take on leadership positions in their chosen industry by merging their understanding of business and technical skills.

Master of Translational Medicine

The Master of Translational Medicine Degree is a Professional Masters and a place where students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to bring medical innovation from the engineer’s bench to the patient’s bedside. Backed by two world-class institutions – the Department of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley and the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF – the program empowers students to explore and make new discoveries in the field. Graduates are using their hands-on and real world experience from the program to change the way products are brought to life today.

ME Student Machine Shop

The Mechanical Engineering Department Student Machine Shop provides engineering students with a well-equipped, safe working environment in which those students can design and manufacture their projects for engineering classes, research, and vehicle and team competition through on-site technical guidance.

Neurotech Collider Lab

The Bakar BioEnginuity Hub and Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology present the Neurotech Collider Lab: an interdisciplinary space for world-changing breakthroughs in neurotech. Our approach will yield breakthrough innovations by bringing together leading researchers in life sciences, engineering, social, and behavioral science with industry experts and entrepreneurs to create impactful new startups and projects and startups. At the heart of this program, we will challenge the way we define problems and how we create solutions to discover new “signals” that we’ve been missing.

New Business Community Law Clinic

NBCLC is Berkeley Law’s interdisciplinary transactional law clinical program, in which JD and MBA assist start-up entrepreneurs. The Practicum provides free legal help for start-ups and real experience for JD students looking to practice transactional law. Since its inception, the Clinic has provided individual legal assistance to over 200 start-ups, and trained and consulted with over 300.

Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp

The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp seeks to train students and professionals in skills essential to innovation in nuclear energy while executing team projects. The program consists of expert-led sessions, team-building exercises, and team project design time.

Nucleate Bay Area

Our equity-free Activator program supports companies that tackle the biggest challenges in human health (Bio Track) and sustainability (Eco Track). The program connects scientific trainees and business students with a world-class advisor network of startup founders, executives, venture investors, and renowned scientists. Nucleate Bay Area aims to support local academic trainees passionate about life science entrepreneurship and operates in collaboration with student groups and industry partners in our area.

Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances

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IPIRA collaborates with researchers to manage invention and software disclosures, pursue patents, license IP, negotiate research collaborations with companies, advise entrepreneurs and startups, subcontract SBIR/STTR grants, and help create campus innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Ollie Legal

OLLIE is an Online Legal Library and Information for Entrepreneurs. This site aims to guide you through the process of getting your business off the ground, legally, and to safely BECOME an entrepreneur. Walk through the BECOME modules—business modeling, entity formation, capitalization, operational relationships, managing risks, and extra permits and licenses—to get a sense of the kinds of situations that trigger red flags from a lawyer’s point of view.

Osage University Partners


Osage University Partners (OUP) is a venture capital fund that invests exclusively in startups that are commercializing university research. OUP firmly believes that universities provide an unparalleled innovation engine and we have partnered with over 100 of the most entrepreneurial universities and research centers to invest in their startups. Profits are shared with affiliated institutions to further promote the university entrepreneurial ecosystem.



Are you a UC Berkeley PhD student with a STEM technology invention? As part of UC Berkeley’s ongoing commitment to entrepreneurship, you may be eligible for up to a $5,000 grant from PhDX after completion of the Intro to Lean Startup: NSF I-Corps Method course.

QB3 Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility

The QB3 Cell and Tissue Analysis Facility provides cell culture equipment and instrumentation needed to grow and assess mammalian cells including flow cytometry, automated epifluorescence, confocal, and multiphoton imaging, as well as a histology suite with cryosectioning equipment.

QB3 Garage@Berkeley

A 800-square-foot web lab incubator space, the QB3 Garage@Berkeley in Stanley Hall features eight stations with bench and desk space, and network connections; shared access includes a prep bench and space for floor-standing equipment such as a refrigerator, freezer, or centrifuge.

QB3 High-Throughput Screening Facility

The High-Throughput Screening Facility provides expert staff and cell culturing space for HT automated cell seeding, liquid handling equipment, multi-label plate reader and high-content automated confocal imaging for any type of multi-well, multi-conditional mammalian cell experiments.


WHERE STARTUPS GET STARTED Bakar Labs, part of the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub at UC Berkeley, is home to startups innovating solutions for the most important challenges the world faces today.

Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program

The Robinson Life Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship (LSBE) Program is an integrated, jointly-administered partnership between the Haas School of Business and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology in the College of Letters and Science. Students earn two bachelor’s degrees and take rigorous courses designed to help bridge scientific inquiry and research with entrepreneurship and commercial application.



The federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs support the research and development activities of U.S.-based small businesses. These highly competitive funding programs, run by the U.S. federal government, encourage businesses to engage in research and development (R&D) with the potential for commercialization in partnership with research universities.

SCET – Summer Venture Lab

Designed to accelerate your early-stage venture, our program begins with an honest, fact-based assessment of what stage your startup is in, then we prioritize decision-making and establish aggressive but realistic milestones to measure success. We emphasize a deep understanding of the customer and market, product-market fit, paths to market and the importance of storytelling in the Silicon Valley context. Applicants will earn 5 academic units and a certificate of completion.


she256 aims to increase diversity & break down barriers to entry in the blockchain space by broadening the pipeline through increasing accessibility to industry professionals & education specifically to those who are underrepresented

SkyDeck ACE Intern Program

Berkeley SkyDeck’s Accelerating Careers in Entrepreneurship (ACE) Intern Program is an entrepreneurship certificate track for students at UC Berkeley interning with SkyDeck startups. Students hired through SkyDeck’s intern fair have the opportunity to couple their hands-on intern experience with a series of weekly workshops featuring founders, venture capitalists, and prominent voices at Berkeley, as well as office hours with sponsors from the SkyDeck Advisor Network and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Startup@Berkeley Law

Startup@BerkeleyLaw hosts FORM+FUND, a workshop series for Berkeley-affiliated entrepreneurs. Now in its sixth year, FORM+FUND teaches the core legal, financial, and organizational aspects of starting and scaling a venture-backed business.


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StEP is a 10-week experiential program for all UC Berkeley students who are interested in entrepreneurship and taking their first step to finding co-founders and starting a company. Participants gain access to UC Berkeley talent, mentors, advisors, investors, and top-notch experts that will guide them step-by-step into building their dream company.

Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the premier institution on the UC Berkeley campus for the study and practice of “technology-centric” entrepreneurship and innovation using the acclaimed Berkeley Method. Since 2005, SCET has created the foundation of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, and has an extensive ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Global partners.

Tech Transfer (IPIRA) DEI Page

Tory Burch Fellowship

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The Tory Burch Fellowship at the IGI furthers the institute’s mission of translating genome-editing and biotechnology tools into affordable and accessible solutions in human health, climate, and agriculture. The program seeks to support scientists whose work involves the development of solutions to global problems, and who aim to benefit the public by developing their ideas for eventual commercial translation. The one-year program will provide one selected fellow the opportunity to participate in Tory Burch Foundation programs, while receiving up to $150,000 in salary and benefits, mentoring and entrepreneurial training, as well as space at the IGI to develop their ideas.

UCB Startup Fair

The UCB Global Startup Fair offers students a unique opportunity to discover and interact with small tech companies that typically rely on personal connections for hiring. It is a great way for independent and entrepreneurial students to explore the challenges and excitement of working in a close-knit startup environment. The UCB Global Startup Fair is also a unique recruitment event where the spotlight is on the startups. It is a chance for small companies to speak directly to students without getting overshadowed by the big names.

Venture Capital Investment Competition

VCIC aims to educate and expose UC Berkeley students to the venture capital process and the investment criteria considered when evaluating a business opportunity. Potential Venture Capitalist candidates have limited opportunities to experience the “day in the life of a VC” because of the selective nature and criteria of VC recruiting. VCIC’s goal is to allow students to apply the art and science of venture investing and try their hand at selecting real business opportunities using strategic investment criteria, valuation, capitalization tables, term sheets, and other tools of the trade.

YC Co-Founder Matching @ SCET


Berkeley students can now join 50,000 profiles already on the platform to find co-founders based on interests, skills, location, and more