Starting Up –  Aalto University free course

Application Deadline:   

Learn to think like an entrepreneur and to solve real-world problems by creating something new. Starting Up is an Aalto University course. Aalto University (Aalto-yliopisto) is a multidisciplinary university, where science and art meet technology and business. Get first-hand knowledge from founders on how to start your own business, kickstart a venture inside an organization, or to simply understand and discuss the topic.

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Spring 2023 E-Team grant

Application Deadline:    02/01/2023

We’re seeking student innovators with big ideas for the E-Team Program! There is still time to apply for a Spring 2023 E-Team grant! The E-Team Program offers up to $25,000 in catalytic grant funding and robust entrepreneurship training to student teams that aim to change the world through the development of scalable solutions to social, health, and environmental challenges.

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Women’s Datathon Competition

Application Deadline:    02/03/2023

Hosted by Citadel LLC and Citadel Securities in partnership with Correlation One, the Data Open is inviting students who identify as women all across North America to compete at our first-ever Women’s Datathon this February.  Taking place from Friday, February 3rd to Saturday, February 4th in Miami, Florida, the competition will be a two-day long event and is all-expense-paid. Top performing students have the opportunity to win USD$15,000 in cash prizes and exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel. The event is open to all the current undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students who identify as women.

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X-Force Fellowship

Application Deadline:    02/10/2023

The X-Force Fellowship program is an opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to serve their country by solving real-world national security problems. The X-Force Fellowship program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents at the undergraduate and graduate level, pursuing fields ranging from mobile and web app development, data analysis and visualization, hardware prototyping, social media strategy, policy research, and technology scouting. Participants get the opportunity to work on a mission-focused real-world project, participate in a professional development opportunity, work directly with military and national security leaders, and gain perspective as to how their skills and experience can have an outsized impact on national security. Apply by 10 Feb! Letters of Recommendation can be turned in late.

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The Slavin Fellowship

Application Deadline:    02/15/2023

The Slavin Family Foundation provides support to dedicated students that have a desire to contribute to humanity and the ability and discipline to bring entrepreneurial ideas to life. The Foundation’s main activity is the Slavin Fellowship, which offers support, mentorship, and a grant to a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing entrepreneurial projects.

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 Fung Fellowship application 2023-24 

Application Deadline:    02/17/2023

UC Berkeley’s Fung Fellowship is a unique impact-driven innovations program that teaches the skills you need to be an entrepreneur and change-maker. It’s a program that is grounded in industry partnerships, community collaborations, and valuing the unique skills that each fellow brings. Through the program, non-technical and technical fellows utilize the iterative human-centered design process, their majors’ specific skills, and emerging technology to create projects that impact communities.

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Berkeley SkyDeck’s Batch 16 Acceleration Program

Application Deadline:    02/17/2023

Applications for Berkeley SkyDeck’s Batch 16 Acceleration Program have opened. Our hybrid program provides startup founders direct access to Silicon Valley through the UC Berkeley ecosystem, as well as a $200,000 investment from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund for selected startups, access to 500+ extraordinary advisors/mentors, and the opportunity to pitch to 850+ Silicon Valley investors at Demo Day. Have questions? Register here for one of our January info sessions regarding Global Founders, UC-Affiliated Founders, and SkyDeck Europe. Otherwise, submit your application here by February 17! 

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EIA – Portugal: Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe, BERKELEY SUMMER ABROAD PROGRAM 2023

Application Deadline:    03/15/2023

Join the European Innovation Academy for a once in a life-time summer abroad experience in Spain and Portugal. Earn the SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology the fastest way possible! You will learn from venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, executives from Silicon Valley companies while building your own startup with like-minded students from around the world. You can turn your idea into a startup in just 15 days!

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Cleantech to Market – climate tech application

Application Deadline:    04/30/2023

C2M is now accepting climate tech applications — low-carbon energy, green chemistry, food, and water technologies covering both mitigation and adaptation — for its 2023 cohort. For those technologies selected, C2M will hand-pick interdisciplinary teams of UC Berkeley grad students to help entrepreneurs identify the most viable initial markets, prospective customers and partners, funding sources, and related strategies.

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UNITE 2030 – Camp 2030

Application Deadline:    09/11/2023

Camp 2030 is UNITE 2030’s global, in-person convening, bringing together top Youth Leaders from across the globe for 6 days of innovation and co-creation for the Sustainable Development Goals. 2023 Program: September 11th – 16th, 2023

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